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The latest addition to our site:

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Welcome to Frederick Noad's web site where we specialize in:

    1. Frederick Noad's "Guitar for Beginners" on DVD, CD & Video
    2. Frederick Noad's Classical Guitar Instructional CD's
    3. Frederick Noad's Classical Guitar Books (Solo Guitar Playing Books 1 & 2, Anthology Series, etc...)
    4. Frederick Noad's Music Engraving Software (SpeedScore for Macintosh)

    1. Howard Heitmeyers Latin Stylings, Technique Tips &Changing Strings Tuning & Tidbits on DVD
    2. Howard Heitmeyers My Favorite Hymns on CD
    3. Howard Heitmeyers famous Classical Guitar Arrangements

Products of Laurindo Almeida (sheet musice & recordings)  click here

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