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D&H Sales Company was established in February of 1980 in Inglewood, California.  It was originally known as Howard Heitmeyer's Guitar Shop.  In the beginning we sold a few guitars and gave guitar lessons.  This went on for several years until in the late eighties we became involved with Frederick Noad.  At that time Fred asked us if we would like to handle some of his products and of course we were interested and began to duplicate and sell some of his audio tapes.  

This relationship with Fred Noad continued until the early nineties when we started to handle all of his books and "Guitar for Beginners".  At that point in time we started working with Fred on a regular basis and helped in developing his music engraving software "Speedscore".  We helped in some of the packaging and promotion of this well known series until Fred's death in 2001.

After Mr. Noad passed away we continued to work with his widow, Marilyn Noad, who is a well known artist in Ojai, California.  We continued working with and developing Frederick Noad Books, CD's & DVD's to the present day.

Our goal is to keep the memory of Frederick Noad and his creations in the forefront of the Classical Guitar society.  We wish to continue to promote the Classical Guitar for years to come.


Don Carnes & Howard Heitmeyer