A Second Free Gift

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Shortly before his death, in September of 2001, Fred Noad recorded 22 of his favorite pieces of music and put them on a CD.  We are offering this CD or the Howard Heitmeyer CD as a free gift with any purchase of up to $50.  You can receive both CD's with a purchase of $50 or more.  

The names of the pieces are listed below.

1. Minuet by Handel
2. Se Io M'Accorgo (anon., Italian)
3. The Earl of Salisbury by Byrd
4. Sarabande by De Visee
5. Minuet by De Visee
6. Sarabande by J.S. Bach
7. Allegro by D. Scarlatti
8. Minuet in D by Sor
9. Study in B Minor by Sor
10. Mazurka in G by Tarrega
11. Adelita by Tarrega
12. Ballet by Praetorius
13. Tarleton's Resurection by Dowland
14. Prelude by J.S. Bach
15. Dance of the Spirits by Gluck
16. Minuet in C by Sor
17. Andantino by Sor
18. Divertimento by Giuliani
19. Prelude by Chopin
20. Prelude by Tarrega
21. Lagrima by Tarrega
22. El Testamen de N'Amelia (Catalan folk Melody)