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If your shipping address is within the UNITED STATES you can order directly from this web site. You will be directed to PayPal where necessary shipping and taxes will be applied to your order.

If you are having your order shipped OUTSIDE of the UNITED STATES you must email us before placing your order for correct shipping and handling charges.  We will then email you back with correct shipping and handling charges and the total cost for your order.  We will also provide instructions on the best payment method to use.

We are required to take orders, this way, for shipping outside the U.S. because there is such a great variety of shipping charges to various locations in the world.  It would be almost impossible to list all of the various shipping charges to the different locations in the world.  Using a flat rate charge for shipments outside of the U.S. would not be fair to all concerned.

There are several shipping options (Flat Rate Envelope, First Class International, Regular Air Mail, etc...).  As you can see the variety of shipping charges can vary greatly. 

We use the U.S. Postal Service for our shipments because they are the least expensive and very reliable.  We have been using the U.S. Postal Service for shipments for over 20 years and almost never have a problem. 

We hope you understand and will cooperate with us.

If you have any trouble ordering  from our web site please contact us via phone, fax or email.

(818) 762-9191 (phone)
(818) 762-1171 (fax)   (email)

D&H Sales Shipping Department


If sending order by mail or fax Click on this link for printable order form