Another Free Gift With Any Purchase

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In the late 1960's Howard Heitmeyer and Bob Torres played a live program at the "Frigate" in Manhattan Beach, California.  The Frigate was a bar and restaurant. We are offering this CD, or the Fred Noad CD, as a free gift with any purchase of up to $50.  You can receive, both, this CD and the Fred Noad CD with a purchase of $50 or more.

This is a great listening CD.  I know because I was there during the live performance.  There are a few repeats on this CD (requests made by the audience).  I hope you enjoy listening to these great pieces as much as I did when they were played at the Frigate that night in the 60's.  All of these arrangements were done by Howard Heitmeyer and some of the pieces were composed by Howard.  Make a purchase of $50 or more and receive both CD's.  (Frederick Noad's "Guitar Favorites") and this CD.

1. Tuning - Set up.
2. A Man And A Woman
3. The Girl From Ipanema
4. Batooque (composed by Howard Heitmeyer)
5. Recado Bossa Nova (composed by Howard Heitmeyer)
6. Manha De Carnaval (from "Black Orpheus) - the movie
7. Samba De Orfeu (from "Black Orpheus) - the movie
8. One Note Samba
9. A Man And A Woman (second playing by request)
10. Someone To Light Up My Life
11. The Look Of Love
12. Sons Da Carrilhoes (Sound of Bells)
13. Jean
14. Dindi
15. Danza Gitana
16. Call Me
17. Medley: I Left My Heart in San Francisco/By The Time I Get To Phoenix
18. Manha De Carnaval (second playing by request)
19. I Will Wait For You
20. Samba De Orfeu (second playing by request)
21. Vals Venezolano No.3 
22. Recado Bossa Nova (second playing by request)
23. Batooque (second playing by request)
24. Golden Earrings
25. Good Morning Starshine
26. Misty