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My Visiting List

Seattle class.jpg (33318 bytes)
Seattle class of '73
Cathy Zobel, Anne Bergsma, Molly Sloan, Gae James; 
Photo by Bob French
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Guitar Advisors

Best Guitar Advisor
The "Bestguitaradvisor" is a great website offering personal reviews of Acoustic, Classical, Electric Bass Guitars and Ukuleles. 

Private Guitar Teachers

The Tutor Pages
Dozens of articles written by UK guitar teachers.  The Tutor Pages is a UK directory where every tutor has written articles on their expertise.

Strings, Guitar Makers and Suppliers

Strings by Mail
A Great Place To Buy Strings, all brands and makes available at reasonable prices, along with a great selection of  accessories.

Guitarras Alvarez
Guitar Maker

Guitar Salon International
Guitar Salon International offers one of the largest selections of concert, classical, and flamenco guitars in the world.

Links & Resources

Music Theory Lessons     (added 4-8-22)
Music theory is the foundation of music.  A complex language that
is interpreted to make melodious sounds.  Understanding music theory involves reading music and the notations and phrases needed to write or play music: 

A Guide to Business in the Music Industry     (Added 2-8-20)
A variety of ways to get involved in the music industry.

The Music Kitchen   (Added 8-19-19)
Your source of expert advice, gear reviews, and how-to resources
for musicians, composers and songwriters.

Future Musicians Guide  (Added 7-27-19)
In this guide you will Find:
1. Getting musical training and financial help.
2. Ways to make money as a musician.
3. How to save money as a musician

Know Your Instrument
This site includes loads of detailed buying guides for guitars and 
ukuleles as well as lots of interesting and quirky articles to keep you

The Gift of Music - 25 Men of Classical Music:
This site is a list of some of the greatest Classical Music composers of all time, from 1750 to 1820.

Ultimate Guide to Classical Guitars and Lutes:
The lute has been a part of instrumental music since the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The lute was extremely popular until the 1800ís. Then in the 1900ís the interest of the lute was revived. During this time musicians built lutes similar to the construction of classical guitars. Classical guitars are not guitars named for only classical repertoire. Classical guitars are early guitars of the same eras of the lute and more. The lute and the modern classical guitar hold similarities such as the finger style technique. The classical guitar also spanned across the classical, romantic, and modern periods.

A&R Company

The world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV Shows.

Individual Home Pages

Classical Guitar Review
An online publication dedicated to the classical guitar with a range of articles, reviews, player profiles and other resources.

Laurindo Almeida
This is a link to the NEW and OFFICIAL Laurindo Almeida Web Site.  Five time Grammy Award winner, Laurindo Almeida, now offers a web site of his many accomplishments over the years.  Music, CD's, Books, Links and a lot of memories.  Owned and operated by his wife Didi Almeida (Soprano Deltra Eamon).  Lots of music and memories.  Check this one out, you won't be sorry.

Elliott Randall
Much interesting information, including a valuable series of essays by sound and MIDI guru Craig Anderton.

Matthew Greif's Home Page
Matthew Greif's debut CD is a musical feast which blurs the line between classical and jazz. His performance of Koyunbaba is exceptional.

Naftali Lahav
An interesting composer and educator in Israel.

Sonia Michelson
Sonia has created a new approach to teaching young children the classical guitar

Solo Performer
Some interesting instruction, arrangements, legal and practical information about the music world.

Music Sales Ltd., London
This company publishes my Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic anthologies. They also distribute my instruction books in the U.K.. They also have the new Chester anthologies.

Hal Leonard Online
Hal Leonard are distributors in the US for the Schirmer items mentioned above.

Classical Guitar Magazine
Maurice Summerfield's fine magazine devoted to the classical guitar.

Lute Pages

The Lute Society of America Page Much of interest, including how to download the catalog of their extensive microfilm collection.

Wayne Cripps Homepage
Wayne Cripps' colourful lute page, with many interesting links, pictures of lutes etc..

Arto Wikla's Music Page
"I especially enjoy playing continuo (improvising harmonic texture on a written bass line, an example ) for a singer or a melody instrument player. That's why I wrote a small manual for those, who want to start this tremendous art: Basics of the basics of lute continuo (in PostScript). " Download it from his site.



The International Guitar Research Archive
A most interesting site both for content and presentation from Prof. Ronald Purcell and team at Cal. State University, Northridge.


Guitar Societies

The Guitar Foundation of America Homepage
Much interesting information, including how to join, how to get back issues of Soundboard etc.

The Classical Guitar Society of Northern Colorado
Lists several Societies in Colorado

The Tidewater (Virginia) Classical Guitar Society The Tidewater Classical Guitar Society is a nonprofit arts organization founded in 1984 to provide cultural and educational opportunities to those interested in the classical guitar. The Society programs a season of seven performances (with 5 repeated at another venue) by many of the world's best known and most outstanding guitarists and lutenists. Mandolin and balalaika have also been featured.

The Baltimore Classical Guitar Society
About the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society... The Baltimore Classical Guitar Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art of the classical guitar. The Society's aims include promoting the awareness of the classical guitar, organizing performances for local schools and retirement communities, publishing a classical guitar newsletter, and organizing classical guitar concerts and competitions.

Ealing Guitar Society (United Kingdom)
Ealing Guitar Society was conceived as a result of discussions which emerged from an Adult Education class on classical guitar.  The official launch of the Society was in 1969 and has since met consistently on a monthly basis.  Come visit us!

Sheet Music

Guitar Solo Publications
One of the most comprehensive sources for guitar sheet music and books.

Glen Weiser
This interesting and elegant site is a source for Celtic music. Some free downloads are available